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I deal with both creating and editing digital products. That is why it is very important for me that the digital products I sell are unique and of high quality.

Fortunately, you can find many sites and developers on the web that offer products with a PLR license. However, the biggest problem is that most of these sites offer the same products, exactly the same creators, sometimes with a changed title or cover.

But does this mean that PLR products are not worth today?

Nothing could be more wrong, I personally think that this market will grow and it will grow for many years.

Recall the situation 10 years ago, how the Internet looked then, what industries and companies dominated. At the time, most companies operated on the basis of a classic business model, so they acquired clients mainly through TV, radio or press advertisements. Small companies rarely looked for customers on the Internet and, for example, dealt with the distribution of advertising leaflets. In fact, digital products were in their infancy at the time.

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In this article I have drunk myself on the coolPLR review, although it is also worth checking out other sites, you just have to see for yourself what is good for you. No, I'm not involved in business with them, I'm not their affiliate marketer. As an experienced marketer, I would like to share my opinion on their offer with you.

What is is basically a sales page presenting digital products (PLR, MRR). It can be said that it is a hybrid of sales funnel and website.

On this page you can get started very intuitively, everything is in place, you will not find there unnecessary elements that could distract you. I suspect that even an inexperienced person will easily find himself on this page. There you will find specific information about what they offer and how you can access their product database.

They repeated many times that they have only one price plan (normally $ 199, but now they have reduced the price to $ 9.95). So how can you calculate quickly, they have reduced the price by 95%, which is unbelievable. What's more, even this reduced price gives you lifetime access to all products (over 1000 products and over 6 million articles) and to products added in the future (they add a minimum of 40 products per month). You pay $ 9.95 once and you have lifetime access.

How does it pay off for them? I asked myself this question many times, but I decided to buy this promotional plan for $9.95, in the end it's the price of 2 or 3 cups of coffee. Immediately after the purchase I received an email with a link thanks to which I have access to all these products.

I decided to reply to email and asked them why they only charge $ 9.95 for so many products for lifetime access, while others demand at least $90 for a year of membership. After 15 minutes I received an email with a reply, this is a quote:

"Thank you very much for the message, we are happy that you bought our product and that you have questions for us. In 2019, our price plan was $ 199 for lifetime access. Due to the prevailing situation in the world caused by the pandemic and thus the economic crisis, we decided to help our clients - by offering them our unique products for a symbolic price. We create most of our products ourselves or we acquire them from voluntary activities which makes them not only unique but above all these products are of high quality. We work with various creators of digital products, among which are teachers, marketers, writers, YouTube channel creators, entrepreneurs, trainers etc. In addition, our company earns primarily on Domain Flipping, Investments, Lead Generation, Social Media Management which is why we treat the creation of PLR products somewhat in a charitable way. However, we cannot guarantee that the price of $ 9.95 will last for a long time, although we will certainly not return to the price of $ 199. We will try to keep the price as low as possible. If you have any more questions, you can find us on Instagram where we run a great motivational profile and we are active 24 days. "

This email was quite a surprise and I decided to contact them on Instagram. Indeed, they have an account (over 103 thousand followers) very large and active. I introduced myself and asked the same thing again on Instagram and received the same answer. By the way, I learned that the Founder and CEO is also an active writer (Martin Szymanski). You can find his books on such platforms as PayHip, Amazon Kindle or eBay. He is also active on other social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can contact them in many ways.

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Impressions after purchasing their Membership

Some of the products that you will find in their database can also be found on other websites, but they do not deny it. However, most products are unique, but even those repetitive products are selected so that they are of the highest quality possible. I mainly need eBooks, articles to create my own websites, eBooks or as Lead Magnet.

However, I sold several courses or eBooks from their bundle as separate items. This sale had a test character, I just wanted to check how much I can sell their products for and I haven't focused on it at all. I just uploaded some photos on Facebook and Instagram and within 5-6 days I sold a total of 19 products for a total of $ 165.


That's what I said aloud to myself. I paid $ 9.95 for the whole package, and I sold only a part of the products from this package (19 pieces) and not enough that the investment paid me back, I still earned over $ 150.


So why don't I sell these products on a massive scale?

In short: the day has only 24 hours, and I'm involved in so many businesses that I don't have time for another one. And it is not enough just to upload photos on Social Media to earn big money on PLR products, you can post spontaneous posts and earn $ 500 or $ 1000 a month without any problem and effort, but if you want to treat it as a profitable business then you also need to deal with marketing (yes as with any business).

Summary of my consideration

Let me give you a summary of the pros and cons. This is what I count as pros:

  • Price - $ 9.95 for thousands of products is more than an opportunity (even if they increase the price in the future, they guarantee that they will not return to the original price of $ 199, it will probably be something around $ 50 which is still a great opportunity considering the fact that you you get lifelong access to thousands of products and products to be added in the future) The competition charges at least $ 90 for annual access or $ 300 for lifetime access.

  • Uniqueness of products - a large part of their products is unique, which means that you will not find them on any other website or online store. This is a great opportunity to get unique content like video courses or eBooks. In addition, thanks to this uniqueness, you are able to offer your customers products they have not seen before and this dramatically increases your chances of selling.

  • Customer service - you can contact them via e-mail (they have 4 different e-mails, all of them are active), by phone and Social Media. They answer within a few minutes to an hour.

  • Some video courses and eBooks are fully comprehensive (that is, they are so advanced that they should not be in such a cheap package). I personally took advantage of one of the courses: "Sell Development" and before the course I thought that I already know everything about it, it turned out that I could still learn a lot. I do not know if they mistakenly put this course in the package, because this the course could easily cost $ 200- $ 300 alone.

  • Interesting sales page, clear transparent, without unnecessary content. Even if you are a beginner, you should not have problems navigating this page.

  • All products are stored on a secure GoogleDrive server - which means that you can download all files at once (if you only have a large enough hard disk).

  • A minimum of 40 products added per month - they add 40 products per month and so will be for life. You don't have to pay anything extra, you pay once and you can forget about the costs, because everything they add in the future, you will get for free.

This is what I count as cons:

  • Access to products - in principle, it is difficult to consider it a disadvantage, because you get immediate access to products immediately after purchase. However, you get access in the form of a link, in principle it is not a disadvantage, but if you forget or accidentally delete the link, you lose access to the products. Here, I could also consider whether it is a minus or not, because you only need to write to them and after a few minutes you will receive your new personal link for FREE. But I am inquisitive by nature and I had to write it.

  • The way products are segregated - for some it will be a disadvantage, for me not. They store products on GoogleDrive and it is true that these products are selected there, but you do not have quick access to a specific book or course (you need to search among other products). In the case of a classic solution, when you type e.g. AFFILIATE MARKETING on the website in the search engine, you are automatically transferred to a specific product. In this case you will find the "Marketing, Business" folder and in this folder you need to look for a specific product. Is this a cons? - partly yes, but if you consider the price of $ 9.95 for lifetime access (the competition charges a minimum price of $ 300 for lifetime access), then I think that this inconvenience disappears quickly.

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