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17 good habits to implement to become successful in life.

Updated: May 9, 2020

In this article, I wrote you habits that are worth implementing. That's 17 tips to apply almost immediately. There is nothing to wait for. Take reading. Good luck! 1. Get up early in the morning

Do you know what it's like when you do everything at the last minute? There will always be something. The richest people in the world get up even 3 hours before starting work. Regardless of whether you do it to have greater psychological comfort, extra time to do things or read a book, getting up early is a good idea. 2. Start the day refreshingly

Open the window in the morning, brew aromatic coffee and oxygenate your brain. You can go out on the balcony or go for a short walk. Research also says that cold showers in the morning add energy and super affect the body's immunity. You think that why footballers enter the cryogenic chambers 3. Set two or three main tasks of the day Don't do everything at once. Start the day with what matters most and in the evening you will feel great psychological comfort. Many people lack this peace! In the morning you have the most energy, rested mind and you are the most effective! 4. Turn off the diffusers

We are all stimulated by information. Your head doesn't like it. What to do then? Set the time to receive mail, turn off unnecessary notifications on your phone ... Give up everything you don't need but distract you.

5. Write ideas on a piece of paper or in an application

Write ideas before they get you out of your head. I don't trust my memory, but I have an efficient system for collecting ideas in Evernote. You, too, create a place where you start to accumulate these amazing ideas. Remember that even the best idea is useless if you do not implement it. 6. Celebrate the moment and be grateful

Without celebration, life would become gray and dispassionate. Remember the occasions. Surprise your girlfriend by remembering the day you met. Surprise your parents with a gift for studying. Surprise your friend positively that he will always find time for you. Dates are arbitrary and memory is important. Especially without special occasion. 7. Seek criticism to grow It's important to have people around you who criticize your actions to teach, and not feel better at the expense of others. Most people try to influence criticizing others. Cut off from them! Look for those who will show you mistakes and show solutions. Have no criticism. Anyone who intends to achieve something more in life and break beyond the standards of gray everyday life, constantly complaining people and limitations, sooner or later will meet with criticism and attacks that do not support, but destroy. Half a poverty if they are strangers, but what will you do if your own family and immediate environment criticize your ideas, dreams and plans? The only way to avoid criticism is to sit at home and cut yourself off from the world, because nowadays just internet access is enough for someone to spit in your face. Therefore, the only way to deal with criticism is to understand it and disarm it!

8. Find a mentor and follow his advice Many years ago, I got up every day at 5:00 am to go to London and learn from one of the richest people in London. Now nobody can imagine working for free - I started this way. Thank you for this learning. It was worth far more than my time. 9. Be a humble student The people who achieve the greatest successes are humble. They allow themselves that they do not know everything and will never know. That is why they often speak little and listen more. They collect information. Surround yourself with successful people and instead of trying to talk them over, trust their knowledge and experience. Persistence is a trait that inhibits development. Learn like a child. 10. Read to learn and take notes Thomas C. Corley, who studied the behavior of the poor and the wealthy for 5 years, concluded that rich people usually read biographies of successful people, books on personal development and historical works. They don't always read for pleasure. They usually read to learn. I have been "studying" books and taking notes for 10 years!

11. Think good about people

If you call your girlfriend or boyfriend "clumsy" and your boss "clown", then you will selectively pay attention to behaviors that confirm your view of this person. Start thinking about people well! Open your eyes and see man in man. 12. Take a note and write down your habits

Do you have it that you are more creative on paper? Technology gives great possibilities, but sometimes it is worth returning to traditional methods. Take a card, separate it with a dash in half. On the left, write down the habits you want to give up. On the right - the ones you want to implement.

13. Turn habits into specific behaviors

Instead of writing, "I'll eat healthy," write a list of procedures. Yes, you read it right. Every morning I will drink a glass of highly mineralized water with lemon and Himalayan salt. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6:00 before work, I will go to the gym. I will ensure that the training takes a maximum of 40 minutes. 14. Listen carefully and make surprises

I know a man who always gives people the right gifts. How does he do it? He listens carefully to others and scrupulously records what they say they would like to have. All you have to do is throw the title of the book once, and he codes it. People's smile when they get the thing they thought about before is priceless!

15. Find the problem, cause and solution

You have no energy? Take a card and write down all possible reasons for this. Maybe you lack vitamins? Maybe you sit in a closed office all day without access to fresh air? Maybe you should turn on the blue light filter when you are using your computer in the evening? Where is the cause and what is the solution?

16. Turn off your computer, smartphone and tablet before bedtime

Do you want to sleep? Turn off computers, smartphones and tablets. The blue light of their screens makes sleep worse. If you watch The Suits until late evening, and then you go to sleep immediately, you strain your mind. Two hours before going to bed try to limit it all, and it's best to give up. Maybe the book will be better? 17. Be a happy person Go and enjoy life. You are here for a while. And since you're here, why not be positive? Why feel sorry for others? Why complain? Be positive. Be happy. Grateful. Generous. Honest. Truthful. Verbal. Design your life so that you are simply a happy person.


What else can I say? In this article I wrote you habits that are worth developing. Habits that are healthy for body and spirit. Habits that not all of us have, and if they had them, then life could be much cooler and lighter. Building these habits is a very important matter. Really. PS. I think it is very important to come back to this text from time to time and remind yourself of these principles. Therefore, share this article to have it always at hand. By the way, in this way you also help me reach this knowledge to other people!

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